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Visiting the 23rd Floor:
Homer in the Macbeth Room

The first proofs for Elisha Cooper’s picture book, Homer, came in and we set a date with Lisa Wong (our senior production manager) to color correct. Elisha came in dressed up in logos everywhere…on his hat, his T-shirt, his bag!   It was his first time in the color correcting room—officially called the Macbeth room—and he was impressed […]

How I Got to Greenwillow Books: Sylvie

How did I get to Greenwillow? Mon Dieu, it was sooo long ago! I actually thought I was going to stay for a year or two at the most . . . but it’s been 18 years (this past May). Insane! It does not feel like it. My first job in publishing was at Dutton […]

Going Wild for Wildwing

Last week, I released the jacket for Wildwing, a novel by Emily Whitman. About a year ago I was doing the photo shoot for the cover image with the editor, Steve Geck. Ali Smith was our photographer. We always love to work with her. A few weeks before the shoot we had to pick our model. So Steve and […]

Sylvie and Tim’s Excellent Adventure
(On Press)

Last Wednesday, Tim and I went on press for Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie in Rockaway, NJ, at Lehigh Phoenix. Going on press is a totally different experience than it was twenty years ago. First of all, while you’re waiting for your sheets, you can watch satellite TV, check your e-mail, and surf the internet! You don’t have […]

Sign Language and Jacket Art

As I’m working on the paperback cover for Angry Management, by Chris Crutcher, I’m remembering the process of designing the jacket. Sometimes you think you have the perfect photo for a jacket. Everything is going smoothly. The author loves it, the editor loves it, and finally, marketing loves it. You buy the image. You have […]