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Happy 20th Birthday, SUGARING!

by Jessie Haas My neighbor, Stephen Major, is sugaring, as people have done at this old sugarhouse for 100 years or more. He drives a pair of horses, Morgan/Percheron half siblings Henry and Nell, to gather sap from the buckets along the roads. Meanwhile sap self-gathers from plastic pipeline strung up the hillsides. Twenty years […]

Cover reveal for The Land of Forgotten Girls, by Erin Entrada Kelly

1. Please tell us a bit about The Land of Forgotten Girls. The Land of Forgotten Girls is about two sisters who are abandoned by their father and live with their evil stepmother in subsidized housing outside of New Orleans. It’s about the power of sisterhood, imagination, and what it means to be a family. […]

Backlist Obsessions: Feelings

When I started working at Greenwillow in 2007, I was delighted to recognize many books from my childhood in the full-to-bursting Greenwillow library. One of the ones I found most exciting of all was Aliki’s Feelings (I had also loved its twin, Manners, as a child, which is coincidentally celebrating its 20th anniversary this year). […]

A Meandering Story about Diana Wynne Jones, Really Big Vegetables, and Cheese

The timing seemed charmed: my first thorough reading of Diana Wynne Jones’s new manuscript, Enchanted Glass, at the same time as my acquisition of a garden with our new apartment in Brooklyn. The first seemed to somehow communicate and conspire with the second. I’m a huge fan of Diana’s work, so of course I dove straight into this […]

The Tchotchkes of Greenwillow

Here at Greenwillow, tchotchkes (pronounced exactly the way you’d think) are very important to us. They remind us of days gone by, of old friends, of running gags. They brighten cloudy March afternoons. Some of them even dance for us. Here is a tribute to our tchotchkes, those venerable little baubles that make an office […]