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Why I Adore HOMER

Okay, so I’m a dog person. In fact, we just got a new puppy at our house (that makes three) and her name is June. Here she is running with pink tulle (and why not?) in the yard. June is at the beginning of her life with a family. She’s only just begun to be […]

My Dog Ate Your Homework

Bad news: Loretta Lynn ate Chris Crutcher’s manuscript this weekend. Oh no, sorry, not that Loretta Lynn. This one.   So it looks like we are all going to have to wait . . . just a little bit longer . . . for Period 8. This has only happened once before, when she ate […]

Of Bridges and Things . . .

I spent summers on Cape Cod when I was a kid. And my dad did before me. As those of you who have been to Cape Cod know, the Cape Cod Bridge is a big deal for many reasons. There are two of them, of course, but we always refer to them as “The Cape […]

Slightly off-topic on a Monday . . .

Back when I was an editorial assistant at Macmillan, I was lucky enough to work with other editorial assistants (in both adult and children’s) in a long, thin, dark, dusty hallway. We saved our pennies and ate together—pea soup at a diner on Second Avenue—as often as possible, and we also walked barefoot across the […]

The Dog Days of Summer

I don’t know if these actually are the dog days of summer yet (let’s ask Amelia Bedelia), but I do know that dogs+summer+books=a lot of fun in my house. My daughter and I took a break from The Mouse and the Motorcycle last night (which is actually very hard to do) because my daughter, who […]