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THREE DAYS ON A RIVER . . . is 30!

When Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe by Vera B. Williams was published, School Library Journal wrote that it is “Certain to have young readers begging for their own three days.” Bingo. Parents be warned! It’s a deceptively innocent book package—the jacket is printed with the black-and-white marbled design of a school […]

City Discoveries: Secret Literary Histories

We’ve been in our new digs at the HarperCollins building for more than a year, but we just discovered something right next door. It turns out that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote a large portion of The Little Prince next door to us on 52nd Street, in the building that now houses the famed French restaurant […]

How I Got to Greenwillow,
by [Name Redacted]

On my way to Greenwillow Books, I tripped over a body. Or maybe two hundred bodies. . . . During that period, I was also an accomplice in seventy stick-ups, fifteen or so kidnappings, forty cases of insurance fraud, and a few other things I’d rather not mention. Well, okay. . . . Actually I […]

Backlist Obsessions:
Across the Stream

Ninety-four words. Twenty-four pages. That’s all Mirra Ginsburg and Nancy Tafuri need to tell the story of a family in mortal danger—waking up one night in a panic, they run for their lives, and just when their hearts are in their throats and they’re jumping up and down with terror, they get rescued. Seems almost […]

A Short Bio of Mother Goose

Yesterday’s blog post about Amelia Bedelia made me think about another eccentric but long-lived character in children’s books—Mother Goose. Who was she? When did she first appear? Why has she had such a long life, handed down from parents to children for so many generations? And how did she end up in these somewhat bizarre […]