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Archive of posts filed under the Greenwillow History category.

Amelia Bedelia—an American icon is born!

One of the best parts about preparing for a big anniversary—such as Amelia Bedelia’s 50th—is that sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you uncover something extraordinary. We were fortunate enough to find the original dummy for Amelia Bedelia, courtesy of Gretchen Siebel, Fritz Siebel’s widow, and a storage unit. Since Amelia Bedelia was published in […]

Hooray for our own Golden Girl!

It’s 2013 and it’s the 50th anniversary of Amelia Bedelia, first published by Harper (and edited by Susan Hirschman, in a neat twist of fate) in 1963. We have all manner of Amelia Bedelia celebrations, commemorations, sponge cakes, and publications planned for the coming year, and we hope you will all join us! To start […]

Celebrate Diana Wynne Jones

From the Greenwillow archives to your desktop, here is a Diana Wynne Jones publicity photo of uncertain vintage. What’s up with the tape and scribbling, a younger person might ask? Those are likely crop marks/shooting instructions for the printer, back in the pre-desktop days. Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook […]

Celebrate Diana Wynne Jones

(Note: These are selected interview questions and answers taken from the “Extras” section of the paperback edition of Howl’s Moving Castle, reissued in 2008.) 1. The Wizard Howl has charmed many readers across the world. What do you make of that? The one big, strange fact about Howl is that almost every young woman who […]

Celebrate Diana Wynne Jones

By Phyllis Larkin At Greenwillow I worked with Diana Wynne Jones on more than a dozen books. I was not her editor—that was Susan Hirschman and then Virginia Duncan—but I was the intermediary, for lack of a better word, between the copy editor and Diana on the path to a manuscript ready for setting. On […]