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The latest film news

“Glamour,” by Joseph Delaney Some people think that being a writer is glamorous. I know that I once did. I dreamed of finally getting published and all the amazing fun that would follow. I imagined traveling to distant countries, staying in city hotels and seeing the sights. Most of these dreams came true and I do […]

Homer (part one)

By Elisha Cooper I read somewhere that all stories have one of two plots: man leaves town, or, man comes to town. That’s it. I was thinking about this a few years ago while looking through Kevin Henkes’s Kitten’s First Full Moon, which, in its perfect simplicity, captures the man-leaves-town plot exactly, except that in […]

Skin like Grace Kelly’s

By Suzanne Crowley Yesterday while purchasing Clearasil at Walgreens, I lamented to the older woman behind the counter about having to purchase teenage zit cream at age 48. “I don’t remember any of my mother’s generation having pimples,” I told her. “They all had skin like Grace Kelly.” The lady responded, “That’s because you young […]

Celebrate Diana Wynne Jones

(The following is an excerpt about writing from Reflections, by Diana Wynne Jones. We’ll publish Reflections this coming September.) “If there is one thing I have learned, it is that you must have at least some emotional connection with every soul who figures in a story. You may like them, love them, find them disgusting, […]