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Visiting the 23rd Floor: Kevin Henkes


Kevin Henkes was in New York City this week. Here’s what we did:

1. Drank hot chocolate and wine

2. Met with Lisa and Ruiko from the production department to talk about paper, binding, color, reprints, endpapers, case materials, specs . . .

3. Measured Kitten for fangs

4. Made final decisions on the design for Kevin’s new picture book, Little White Rabbit, and his new novel, Junonia

5. Talked about how hard ninth-grade math is once you’re an adult (test yourself here)

6. Celebrated My Garden’s being on the New York Times bestseller list for the fourth week in a row (see item number 1)

7. Toasted spring!


  1. mwt says:

    Every time I see illustrators at Greenwillow . . . I feel jealous. They get to hang out with all the cool people in editorial AND IN THE ART DEPARTMENT, TOO!

  2. Jody Feldman says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin a few weeks ago. Lucky you to spend more time with him.

    Oh, and maybe I should have been a mathematician instead of a writer … that is if 9th grade math were all there was to it.

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  5. Grand article peut I mention ceci sur le mon emplacement ? Merci

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