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Greenwillow Social Media Boot Camp

It’s 2010 and social media is hot, hot, hot! But not everyone is tech-savvy enough to blog/tweet/status update with the best of them. So we sent some of our Greenwillow official representatives to social media boot camp. Let’s listen in and see how they’re doing…

Twitterfeed via #greenwillowbooks

AmeliaBedelia:  Cheep cheep! Chirp chirp!

sarahbyrnes: WTF, AB? #savelibraries

MrSlinger: Are you tweeting, @AmeliaBedelia? Let’s all write in English instead of Bird.

wemberly:  I’m worried about sharing my thoughts here.

CountySpook:  These are dark times, lass.

AmeliaBedelia:  Not where I am! I have all the lights on!

FREIGHTTRAIN: Moving in daylight…

Chrestomanci: @WizardHowl I suspect you might not know this, but you were face-out in the village bookstore.

WizardHowl: @Chrestomanci Oh? How was my hair?

ChairGrrl@Chrestomanci Did you see me on the picbook wall? I need more quarters for my jar. First I bought a chair with the quarters, then I bought an accordion th

AwfulOgre:  Oh, snap!

wemberly: I’m worried about sharing my feelings.

AmeliaBedelia:  This is hard. I tried Facebook but the pages just stuck to my forehead.

FletcherFox: It’s a whole new world, @AmeliaBedelia! Hey, is that snow outside? OMG!

FREIGHTTRAIN: Going through tunnels…

QueenofAttolia:  @AmeliaBedelia Do you need something to drink? If your cup is empty, take mine.

BestThiefEvr:  hrd 2 rite w/a hook. LOLZ! 😛

moonkitten: @BestThiefEvr You should try typing without opposable thumbs. #gotmilk?

SGeck: Do frogs have paws?

VDuncan: Do dogs climb ladders?

wemberly: I’m worried about who’s reading this.

MamaDuck: Srsly, has anyone seen my duckling?

PrinceBrat: @MamaDuck I hope it’s not on the remainder table…

AwfulOgre:  Oh, snap!

AmeliaBedelia: Uh oh, did I break something?

CountySpook: If you don’t stop that, I’m going to put you in a pit.

wemberly: Could the internet break??!

FREIGHTTRAIN: Going, going…

wemberly: What if I get a virus?

DebbiePelbry: I wish something would happen!

WizardHowl: I’m dying of boredom.

AmeliaBedelia: Well, I made a lemon meringue pie…

BestThiefEvr: So, so, so.



  1. Emilie says:

    Giggling with such (such!) joy–thanks, Greenwillow!

  2. Dude, that was so righteous!

  3. Cathy Ogren says:

    I’m all atwitter. This is hysterical!

  4. cindy says:

    hahaha! genius!!
    i would be like wemberly if v was
    on twitter. >_>

  5. Irene:) says:

    Ah-mazing! Love it

  6. Suzanne Crowley says:

    fun, fun

  7. charlotte says:

    Thanks! (I liked Freightrain best…hee hee)

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