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While we were still licking Cheerios off the floor . . .

Do any of our blog readers recognize this man? (No, it’s not Chad Beckerman.)

Jack Prelutsky as a young musician in Greenwich Village, New York, circa 1960 (as pictured in the liner notes to Leave Your Sleep).

Run, do not walk, to wherever it is you get your music and buy Natalie Merchant’s gorgeous Leave Your Sleep, featuring “Bleezer’s Ice Cream”—lyrics by Jack Prelutsky, music composed by Natalie Merchant, with a kick-ass arrangement by Wynton Marsalis.


  1. Thanks, Jaime for sharing this. Looks fabulous. I find that Jack Prelutsky is a pure genius. A pure kid, and a pure genius.

  2. Peggy says:

    Virginia, thank you for this Leave Your Sleep shout-out. I’d not heard of her music/poetry/book project before and as you say, this CD – and the story behind it – is amazing. I absolutely love it.

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