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A Greenwillow Thanksgiving

With so much to be thankful for this year, Greenwillowites young and old gathered under the branches of the green willow tree to celebrate the holiday.

Ai Ling grabbed her eating sticks. “What a wonderful tradition! Are there any steamed dumplings? Spicy noodles with beef gravy? I would love sticky rice with candied persimmons.”

“Where are you from?” Prince Brat scowled. “We have turkey on Thanksgiving. And cranberries, stuffing, and pumpkin pie!”

Ai Ling’s necklace began to glow.

“Before we start,” Mr. Slinger said quickly, sitting down between the two, “why don’t we all say what we have been thankful for this year.”

“I will go first because I am the queen!” proclaimed Lilly. “I am thankful for my purple plastic purse, and my red cowboy boots, and my cape, and my crown, and for Mr. Slinger,” she said. “Oh, and for my little brother, Julius, too.”

“I’m grateful for every season,” said Fletcher. “They are always changing.”

Freight Train moved through the grass and crossed over the table. “I’m thankful for a full steam engine and my red caboose. And for iPhones.

“I am grateful for my mother,” said Duckling. “She can always find me.”

“I am thankful for gargoyle bile and scrambled legs,” Awful Ogre roared.

Chrestomanci ducked as Awful Ogre waved his fork. “And I for my nine lives.”

“I’m thankful I got into Harvard,” Callie Andrews said. She looked over at Chrestomanci. “But if you have any fashion tips, I’d be grateful for those, too.”

Sarah Byrnes snickered. “I’m grateful for the fat guys.”

“I’m thankful for Suzanne Collins,” Durango said. “And my AI implant, Mimi, who always knows what to say in every situation.”

“Flattery will still get you called a coward when you’re being one,” Mimi replied.

Eugenides reclined, his elbow on the arm of his chair and his thumb tucked under his cheekbone to prop up his head. “I am thankful my Queen finally wore those gods-damned earrings.”

Debbie looked over at Hector. “I’m thankful Hector found my necklace.”

“Hm?” said Hector. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention right that second.”

“I give thanks to my Mam, who gave me her silver chain,” Tom Ward said, pulling some salt out of his pocket to sprinkle over his mashed potatoes. “And for a feast that’s not just bread and county cheese.”

“I am thankful for our big comfy chair,” said Rosa.

The Shifter looked towards the woods. “I am grateful for the sight of a cat, the speed of the wind, and the strength of stone.”

“I’m grateful for Mama, Daddy, Rufus, Lulu, the orchard, and Ms. Washington,” said Ida B. “Can we dig in?”

“Dig in?” asked Amelia Bedelia. “Well, then I am thankful for shovels!”

And everyone agreed.


  1. Emy Shin says:

    Aw, Gen. So much love for him and Irene!

  2. Chachic says:

    Seconding the Gen love! :)

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