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City Discoveries: Secret Literary Histories

We’ve been in our new digs at the HarperCollins building for more than a year, but we just discovered something right next door. It turns out that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote a large portion of The Little Prince next door to us on 52nd Street, in the building that now houses the famed French restaurant La Grenouille.

Quelle surprise!

And a special note to Amy Brecount White—sorry we didn’t know about this the last time you visited. You’ll have to come back soon and see it in person. (Read Forget-Her-Nots, and you’ll know why this is important!)

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  1. Tim Smith says:

    In a very related note, I discovered only a month or so ago that the plaza in front of 520 Madison has as part of its permanent landscaping a (huge) segment of the actual Berlin Wall! You can see a little bit of it in this Street View shot:


    I’d seen it a hundred times and always assumed it was some sort of corporate-modern-decorative graffiti sculpture.

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