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Our Last Contest of the Year!
A Willow By Any Other Name…

’Tis the season, and while us Greenwillowites search for the perfect gifts for our Secret Santas (a GWB tradition), we know that all of you out there are busy doing your holiday shopping too.

Well, you know what they say: Books are great gifts!

You could be the lucky winner of a big box of Greenwillow books, and all you have to do is answer one question:

Greenwillow Books very, very briefly had another name. What was it?

Hint: you’ll find the answer somewhere on this blog.

The first two people to send the correct answer to gwbooks@harpercollins.com will be our winners! Good luck!


  1. Tania says:

    Oh, oh (raises hand) pick me! Was it Under The Green Willow?

  2. It’s original name was taken from a picture book – Under the Green Willow.

  3. mwt says:

    I know that “Harbor Books for Boys and Girls” was in the running for a while . . .

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