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And the Winners Are…

Monday’s contest question had many of you stumped! The correct answer—which Megan Whalen Turner so graciously posted on the blog itself—was “Harbor Books.”

But because the question seemed to have several valid answers, we are awarding Anamaria Anderson and Karina Zidon for their answer: “The Third Division.” Both this answer and “Harbor Books” were suggested as names in Susan Hirschman’s blog post in January. So, congrats to you both! You will each receive a box of Greenwillow books—including an assortment of classic Tana Hoban books, in honor of Tana Hoban week!

…We know what you’re thinking. But if Megan Whalen Turner gave the right answer, why isn’t she a winner? Well, we all know that she’s a winner. That’s beside the point. But instead of a box of books (she probably already has most of them), Megan will receive a free ride on Space Mountain*. Oh, wait. One more thing. Megan needs to deliver the manuscript for “Book Five” before she can claim her free ride on Space Mountain. Ready, set, go!

Thanks for playing, everyone!

* Airfare not included. Prices and participation may vary. Prize may only be collected if winner is wearing different colored socks, and requests prize in Pig Latin with secret password. You must be at least this tall to ride Space Mountain. Do not ride Space Mountain if you are pregnant, have a heart condition, or are a scaredy-cat. Do not mock Space Mountain. Space Mountain will own you.


  1. cindy says:


    and they totally had a store selling
    mismatched socks in crazy disney village!

  2. mwt says:

    Oh, noes. You SAID it was an official name and I didn’t think Harbor ever was, but I am very sorry if I gave your secret away.

    I am sure I can get Tim to give me the secret password in Pig Latin. And I am not a scaredy cat, or pregnant. But Virginia will have to come with me.

    Is there an upper age limit for riding Space Mountain? . . .

  3. Virginia says:

    The upper age limit is FIFTY.

  4. mwt says:

    Oh, well, I have just turned 35 so I have PLENTY of time.

    : )

  5. mwt says:

    Okay, I may have turned 35 one or two times before. . .

  6. Virginia says:

    “But Virginia will have to come with me . . . “

  7. cindy says:

    *eats popcorn while watching with glee*


  8. Lady Jane says:

    Oh Mrs. Turner, 35 is a wonderful age. I’ve known women who have been 35 for twenty years!

    *wink, wink*

    PS: What does “this tall” mean? Is this a scientific term, or am I sensing height discrimination here? Can I sue?

  9. mwt says:

    Popcorn! What a great idea!

    *goes to make some*

  10. Puppeteer says:

    *sits in the corner grumbling about how everyone else in the world gets to go to Disney theme parks*

    “Megan needs to deliver the manuscript for “Book Five” before she can claim her free ride on Space Mountain.”
    I agree with that statement. I’m not in a generous mood today.

  11. mwt says:

    Don’t be grumpy, Puppeteer!

    *passes the popcorn*

  12. elle says:

    “Megan needs to deliver the manuscript for “Book Five” before she can claim her free ride on Space Mountain.”

    I agree with Puppeteer!

    (So long as Space Mountain lasts the next five to ten years, we’re good)

  13. Jade says:

    *does not count on her fingers how many times Megan has been 35*


  14. Puppeteer says:

    I’m not grumpy! I want to MEET Grumpy.

    *takes popcorn half-halfheartedly* (that’s a quarter heartedly)

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