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Our New Year’s Resolutions

Our thirty-fifth anniversary year is almost over…and what a year it has been! As we creep closer to December 31, and the good people at Times Square begin preparing the 12 foot, 11,875 pound crystal ball for its descent, many of us are thinking about our hopes and dreams for the year to come. Here is a list of some of those resolutions for 2011, for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to add your own resolutions in the comments section!

From the Greenwillow Staff

Steve: To organize the 3,000+ CDs I own.
Steve's Music Collection

Paul: I am going to channel all my hostility and negativity into Razzle.

Lois: My New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken, so I’ve picked a couple I know I’ll be able to break. So . . . learn how to juggle, understand the infield fly rule, and finally learn to pronounce “gigolo” the right way.

Michelle: To enjoy every minute of my growing belly. And to sleep…while I can.

Martha: Not to have cereal for dinner more than two nights a week.

Sylvie: To decide on one hair color and stick to it.

1. Close a book deal on my scathing tell-all: ‘Neath the Shadow of the Willow: Dirt, Dish, and Deals at America’s Favorite Children’s Book Imprint.
2. Eat more fiber.

Tim: In 2011 I shall eat a maximum of one fried egg sandwich per week, and turn off all glowing electronic screens no later than 10:00 p.m. on weeknights. I’m gonna miss you, Bob Fitzgerald and Jim Barnett.

Virginia: To get a manuscript out of Chris Crutcher. And to sleep on the train.

From Our Authors

Rae Carson: I resolve to eat MORE and exercise LESS. I want resolutions I can keep, after all.

Aliki: To get me, my old iBook, and my new MacBook to understand each other.

Heather Dixon: I resolve to not let my library late fees exceed $3500 this year.
Heather Dixon Greenwillow
Pat Hutchins:
A. To learn how to put a DVD thingy into the side of my TV without having to ask my 3-year-old grandson Billy how to do it.
B. To learn how to receive and send an e-mail without asking my 6-year-old grandson Harry how to do it.
C. To learn how to receive missed calls on my mobile without asking either of them how to do it.

Marjorie Dennis Murray: I resolve to write a perfect picture book.

Jenna Burtenshaw: My resolution this year is to try and cut down on my hoarding habit. I hang on to everything, from old keys and interesting coins, to stacks of books that I add faster than I can read.  I want to be more organized and take charge of my shelves before I run out of space. Will I be victorious?  Or will next year end with me being found squashed beneath a toppled pile of books? Only time will tell.

April Pulley Sayre:
2011 Main Resolution: Spread “hoppiness” by helping create habitat for wild creatures and wild writing.
2011 Tiny URL Resolution: Figure out why Twitter is brain boggling. Shouldn’t a picture book author be good at writing this short stuff?

Jody Feldman: I resolve (or at least I’m going to try) to pace myself, so that toward the end of next year, when it’s time to make resolutions, I’m not in revise-like-a-fiend mode and can actually come up with something important.

Paul Zelinsky: I think mostly in pictures (or at least about them). So when I am asked about resolutions, I think of those resolutions that are defined in terms of pixels per inch. My resolution for 2011 should be at least 365 ppi; a year that is sharp and clear; one that can be enlarged to at least double-size without serious loss of detail.

Naomi Shihab Nye: More empty, vagrant, meandering time. Less compulsive anything.

Cindy Pon:
To continue to challenge myself as an artist and writer.
To be more patient.
To cook and bake more.

Lynne Avril: As far as our New Year’s Resolutions go, I told Amelia Bedelia I was about to turn a new page and set things straight as far as getting my ducks in a row with my deadlines. She looked at me and said that if they were dead already, what was the hurry? There would just be more time to play with the new ducks! Go ahead and turn that page so we can finish reading this story.
Lynne Avril Greenwillow
Lee Bennett Hopkins: I resolve to bring more poetry into the lives of all children.

Nikki Grimes: Communicate more, connect less.  Facebook can only get you so far!

Kevin Henkes: My resolution is to get e-mail next year—maybe…


  1. mwt says:

    I resolve to pay more attention to my inbox so that I don’t forget to send my New Year’s Resolutions to Barbara on time!

    Also, I am going to knit a sweater for a tree.

  2. cindy says:

    haha! you guys are funny!

    barbara, please put me down for an
    arc of your nyt bestseller, thanks. =)

    esp love heather’s illustration.

    i started my resolution early this week!
    made veggie shepherds pie and baked pumpkin
    scones for the first time. hoorah!

    mwt–good luck with the first. =p

  3. Sharon Phillips Denslow says:

    To track down better horoscopes in 2011…some of the doozies from this year…”after you rub the lamp,the genie won’t go back inside” “the pimple always looks bigger in your own mirror” “it is a good thing to know how many beans you have” “if you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch”…and my favorite (?) “Some days you’re not sure if you are the bug or the windshield”

  4. Laura says:

    I say this with nearly every post…but this one might be my favorite. Wonderful.

    For myself, I agree with Naomi’s resolution – couldn’t we all use that?

    As far as Kevin’s resolution…we can only hope. 😎

  5. To be asked my 2012 New Year’s resolution for the GWB blog.

  6. Leah Cypess says:

    Um… what Megan said.
    (minus the sweater)
    *slinks away*

  7. Virginia says:

    David, awww . . . shucks.

  8. Bryan Chick says:

    To find a natural hair growth tonic that works.

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