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Surviving Snowmageddon 2010

Happy New Year’s, everyone!

For many of us at the GWB, the 2010 holidays were rife with one thing (other than presents): snow. A lot of it. Like, way, way too much of it. And then some of us were blissfully far away from the unplowed streets and mass hysteria. Here’s the breakdown of our experiences of the Blizzard of 2010:

Barbara: I looked out the windows of my apartment at the blizzard conditions on York Avenue, and cursed Mother Nature that this should happen when I’m on vacation and not scheduled to work!

Paul: I was resting at my family’s home in upstate New York. While most places around us were hit by the blizzard, we were not.

Virginia: We didn’t get as much snow up in the big woods—but we were still completely snowed in and were forced (ha!) to watch Mary Poppins yet again. We also made giant snow chairs and watched the backyard. Bliss.

Martha: I was snowed out of NYC and stuck in PA for an extra day. And then I drove my little VW Beetle rental car back…to my unplowed street. Luckily two teenage boys were hanging around when I ill-advisedly tried to turn down it anyway and got stuck. They pushed me back to the one plowed road. Then a nice guy from the rental car agency put me and my trunk full of stuff in his suburban and got me within two blocks of my apartment! My New Year’s workout started early hauling all the stuff through the sort-of shoveled sidewalks.

The view from my apartment.

not plowed Greenwillow

My unplowed street!

Michelle: We drove back from Pittsburgh on Wednesday with a rental car filled to capacity with a wide assortment of baby accoutrements. Most of the drive was uneventful…until we got off the BQE and into Brooklyn. Hello, truck blocking an entire intersection. Hello, ambulance siren wailing behind us. Hello, very, very narrow lanes and ten-foot snow drifts. Three miles took about 45 minutes to traverse. Still, we were happy to be home-sweet-home!

Steve: I was in Hanover, New Hampshire, which got as much snow as New York City. This road sign sums it up nicely.

Tim: I had to come into the office, and I’ll spare everyone my boring commuting tales of woe. After all, if you can’t say anything nice about a blizzard, various city agencies, your fellow man, etc. . . .

Well, I did think of one nice thing to say: Le Pain Quotidien across the street was open with a limited menu, and thanks to them I was at least able to eat a halfway decent hot lunch (carrot soup and brown bread). L’Union fait la force / Eendracht maakt macht!

Lois: Here’s the thing: I’d been jealous of England and France—they were having the snow we should have. So my blizzard experience was pure delight (sorry NYC!). The powder drifted to waist-height near my house and was like cotton candy to shovel. Too soft for snowballs or snowmen or cross-country skis and snowshoes . . . so we made soup and drank hot chocolate for about a day and a half.

Sylvie is still missing in action…please check the snow drifts in Queens!


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  2. Jana says:

    I love that road sign! Way to tell it like it is!

  3. cindy says:

    good god!

    the fact that there was a limited
    menu for tim, bravely holding down
    the fort, heartens me.

    we had a lot of rain in southern cali
    through the holidays, but lucked out
    for two days when we were up in santa
    barbara. it was actually quite warm!

    here’s a view of the beach after a muddy
    hike through the bog post boxing day:


  4. Heather says:

    You can never watch Mary Poppins too many times <3

  5. Leah Cypess says:

    As someone who drove from Massachusetts TO Brooklyn this weekend (it’s true what they say about writers and insanity), I’m hard-pressed to say which of those pictures I like best.

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