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Pipe cleaners + Sequins + Electrical tape + Glitter + Chocolate = Happiness

LRP Tree Greenwillow

This festive willow tree (created by Lynne Rae “Martha Stewart Amy Sedaris” Perkins and assembled at the Greenwillow weekly meeting) is adding some much-needed joie de vivre (as Sylvie would say) to the first week of 2011! Thank you!


  1. anna says:

    This post’s title certainly caught my eye! Love it!

  2. mwt says:

    Wait, wait, is Lynn Rae MS AS Perkins there? There was something I was going to tell her . . .

  3. Lynne Rae Perkins says:

    what, mwt, what? I am here in Michigan, but you can tell me here!
    Hey, nice photo, you guys . . . and you put it together right! Yayyy!

  4. Jody Feldman says:

    Is it just me, or is this eerily reminiscent of Steve’s hat from the holiday video?

  5. mwt says:

    I see Virginia glowering. I will tell you in sekkrit someday when we meet up in person!

  6. Lynne Rae Perkins says:

    hmmmmm . . . .

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