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A train runs across this track…

Subrights Freight Train Greenwillow
We just got wind of the fact that our crack subrights department dressed as Donald Crews’ Freight Train for Halloween last year. And speaking of freight trains, has everyone seen, purchased, shared, played with the Freight Train app? We’d love to hear of your experiences sharing it with kids.


  1. I’m sharing the Freight Train app with my reading in the content area class next week. I’ll post their responses.

  2. cindy says:

    both my bubs beg to play with the
    freight train app.
    i’m selfish with my iphone–so it’s
    a real treat for them. =)

    munchkin (almost 6yo) favorite
    parts are the orange tank and
    the blue gondola with the metal rings.

    sweet pea (7yo) likes the fruit sorting
    and they both love the black steam engine
    with wheels moving, bell and steam.

    my (37 yo) favorite is the yellow hopper
    car. =)

  3. susannah says:

    I downloaded the app and would love to try it out (and blog about it!!), but sadly it doesn’t work. Two emails to the developers have not gotten a reply. I’d really love for someone to help out with this?

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