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Oh, Dear

Rushing to get a book to the printer + some inconceivably, perversely poor industrial design (I’m looking right at you, whoever designed the HP Laser Jet 5200tn!) = a situation in which accidents can happen. And man did we ever have a humdinger here at the shop yesterday.

Accident 1 Greenwillow

Accident 2 Greenwillow
Oh, dear. There’s nothing you can do after something like this beside get right back in the saddle, but it’s a chilling reminder that making children’s books isn’t always all sweetmeats and nosegays.

Oops Greenwillow


  1. Paul Zakris says:

    Um did I eat toothpaste?

  2. Virginia says:

    It’s probably a pigeon feather.

  3. cindy says:

    hahaha to v’s response.

    paul, i think you took a bite out
    of the manuscript? =(

    i can only imagine what was uttered
    when the scene was seen.

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