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Visiting Outside the 23rd Floor:
Virginia Goes to the Upper West Side

Carin Berger has been hard at work on the gorgeous dioramas for the upcoming poetry collection by Jack Prelutsky. Because the dioramas are hard to transport, I hopped on the subway and visited Carin’s studio to see her work-in-progress. Now that I live in the big woods I don’t actually hop on the subway all that often and I had one of those bewildering subway experiences that came close to the time a random @#$%* lady pulled (and I mean grabbed a big handful and yanked) my hair on the F train. This odd older gentleman wheeling a great big rolling suitcase and wearing one of those fuzzy Nordic hats with the ear flaps kept snapping my picture. I started to channel Vienne (for those of you not yet lucky enough have read Black Hole Sun, think La Femme Nikita) but before I could take him out he rushed off the train, ear flaps flapping. Onward!

Carin’s studio was filled with light and daffodils and the dioramas are spectacular, spectacular, spectacular. Here are a few pictures I took with my camera.

Jollyfish Greenwillow

Some jollyfish.

Slobsters Greenwillow

A slobster.

Stardines Greenwillow


Tattlesnake Greenwillow

Uh-oh. A tattlesnake!


  1. Lynne Rae Perkins says:

    I think all that can be said is, “wow.”

  2. Tim Smith says:

    Hey, take it easy with the masked cursing. My parents and children read this blog!

    Carin, the dioramas are BEAUTIFUL. (<---you have to imagine that word is punched out with a vintage Dymo label maker)

  3. Katherine says:

    Fantastic! Delightful! Can’t wait!

  4. cindy says:

    omg, i’d love to see v kick butt!
    just not while revising with me. haha!

    carin, you are so talented. these are
    wonderful. we had to do a penguin habitat
    diorama for sweet pea and it looked nothing
    like these.

  5. Rae Carson says:

    Oh, those are amazing. *loff*

    Also? “Tattlesnake” totally describes my little sister when we were growing up. And you can tell her I said so.

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