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Happy Anniversary, Sugaring!

By Jessie Haas

Sugaring has been in print for 15 years!
A lot has happened in that time. I don’t follow baseball—in fact, in the last game I watched on TV, Luis Tiant was pitching. But word has reached me in my mountain cabin that the Red Sox finally won the World Series, and in 2004, for the first time, kids started asking me, “Is Gramp a Red Sox fan?”

“Huh?” I intelligently replied, and they pointed out that he’s wearing a Red Sox hat. I had never noticed that; I figured it was a feed store cap.

But yes, Gramp is a Red Sox fan. Jos. A. Smith, incomparable artist and gentleman, is also very discerning about sports!

My friend Jay Bailey, the artist’s model for Gramp, is really a grandfather now. A new generation of Suffolk horses is doing the work on Fair Winds Farm that Bonnie and Stella used to do. We’ve had a couple of new presidents—I like one much better than the other. A number of new cats, a new dog, and a new horse have graced my life. Much remains the same, though; same sweet husband, same little solar house in the woods (yes, that’s a paradox), the steam still rises from Vermont sugarhouses every March, and Sugaring remains the go-to book this time of year in classrooms and bookstores.

And there’s still nothing better than that first sip of hot maple syrup, when the sugarhouse is lit by the fire in the arch, and the world outside is dark and starry.

Sugaring GreenwillowJessie Haas is the author of numerous picture books, chapter books, and novels for young readers, including Sugaring, Appaloosa Zebra and Chase. She was born loving horses, and got her first horse, Scamper, when she was six years old. She lives in Vermont.

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  1. Lois says:

    Thanks, Jessie, for this evocative post! As a Yankees fan, I personally haven’t been north of the Bronx for many years . . . but that first sip of hot maple syrup sounds awfully tempting.

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