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No, we haven’t drunk tiger blood; it’s just Man Day

Another year, another Man Day! But don’t think for a moment that we’re resting on the laurels of the holiday and our service anniversaries. No, today is business as usual at Greenwillow Books:

Steve is editing.

Steve edits

Paul is designing.

Paul designing

And I’m copyediting.

Tim copyediting

But in all seriousness, this year the men of GWB are feeling a little bit like slackers (although it could be argued that being a slacker is very manly). Sure, we have our Man Day fun, but are we doing a good enough job of giving back and paying it forward?

Our brooding introspection, while not very manly, was brought on by a man who commented on our 2010 Man Day post. He and some other men are fighting for the creation of a National Man Day to be celebrated on June 15, and their campaign has gotten some sweet media coverage. The three of us clearly have a lot of thinking to do. Maybe after our lunch of venison goulash.

We salute you, brothers. Faithful readers, we wish you a happy Man Day and we encourage you to submit a comment about men, manliness, and/or Chris Crutcher.


  1. Heather says:

    I don’t laugh much at blog posts but this one made me laugh out loud XD

  2. Virginia says:


  3. Almost forgot it was MAN DAY! Virginia, thanks for the punch in the skull to remind me. Very manly.

  4. Rae Carson says:

    I just crushed a beer can against my forehead to celebrate the day. (ouch)

  5. Yo, Cypess, that’s belch.

    Speaking of manning up, is Crutcher done with that manuscript yet?

  6. Virginia says:

    Excellent question. CC?

  7. cindy says:

    i obviously need to take a better
    look at the gwb dudes the next time
    i visit. y’all are hiding a lot under
    your dress shirts and bow ties. haha!


    let us celebrate with day old unrefrigerated
    pizza (yes, tim!) and dirty socks strewn
    on the ground! =D

  8. I think we need to testosterone UP this Man Day. The very name – GREENWILLOW – implies three-day stubble, empty beer cans crushed against foreheads and toe jam. We’re not getting the exposure we deserve. Greenwillow men, EXPOSE yourself!!!

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