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Visiting the 23rd Floor:
Homer in the Macbeth Room

Elisha Cooper "Greenwillow"

The first proofs for Elisha Cooper’s picture book, Homer, came in and we set a date with Lisa Wong (our senior production manager) to color correct. Elisha came in dressed up in logos everywhere…on his hat, his T-shirt, his bag!

Color correcting "Greenwillow" 

It was his first time in the color correcting room—officially called the Macbeth room—and he was impressed by the process. The proofs looked great. The printer did an amazing job of matching his art. Elisha really got the spirit of the Labrador in this book, and we have all fallen for Homer!

P.S. I managed not to let him draw on any walls this time! (But that’s another post….)


  1. Martha Mihalick says:

    But why is it called the Macbeth room????? I need to know!

  2. sylvie says:

    I have always called it the Macbeth room. I like it and it sounds old-world.

    The room is named for Macbeth ColorChecker, the international color standard for the digital era. It gives numeric values for the twenty-four patches of standard colors. The color-correcting machine is made by Munsell Color (a division of Macbeth; Macbeth itself is now part of GretagMacbeth) .Munsell Color is the international scientific reference for the colors of artifacts–all the Maya pottery of Tikal was recorded with Munsell color references.

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