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Perfectly Imperfect:
Outtakes from PERFECT SQUARE

How do you design a jacket for a square book about a square? Michael Hall designed dozens—and dozens more, no doubt, he didn’t share with us. Here are a handful of outtakes as well as the final Perfect Square. It’s true, nothing really does go to waste. . . . Michael’s preliminary jacket designs are now enjoying a second life as a collage in the window of The Red Balloon Bookshop.

Perfect Square cover A Greenwillow

Cover A: “White covers don’t sell.”

Perfect Square cover B Greenwillow

Cover B: This was our favorite for a long time, but the sales team didn’t love it and they pushed us to do better.

Perfect Square Cover C Greenwillow

Cover C: Pretty . . . but too quiet?

Perfect Square Cover D Greenwillow

Cover D: We all liked this . . . but did we love it?

Perfect Square cover E Greenwillow

Cover E: Try something completely different!

Perfect Square cover F Greenwillow

Cover F: Oh, that’s nice.

Perfect Square cover G Greenwillow

Cover G: Keep going . . .

Final Perfect Square cover Greenwillow


Michael Hall at the Red Balloon Greenwillow

Michael Hall at the Red Balloon

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  1. Tania says:

    Perfectly incorporating the perfect square outline of the book itself. Who’d a thought?…and the wider smile brings your eyes to the edges. Perfect!

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