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We’re enjoying this today on the 23rd floor, and pretty soon we’ll be enjoying this but in the meantime here are some BEA snaps. MIA? Daniel Roode and David Macinnis Gill who somehow made it through BEA without leaving any photographic evidence. Happy weekend.

The indie paparazzi swarm the stage at the children’s breakfast. From left to right: Julianne Moore, Brian Selznick, Sarah Dessen, Kevin Henkes, Katherine Patterson

Dueling authographers Jerry Pinkney and Kevin Henkes on the convention floor

She looks so happy and sunny! How did she write that dark, dark book? Leah Clifford (left) and her agent Rosemary Stimola

Martha & her sister. . . you see the family resemblance, right?

Cindy Pon spoke at the fabulous SLJ Day of Dialogue on Monday and signed on the floor, too.


  1. Laura Mihalick says:

    Martha, that sister of yours is quite striking, tusks and all :)

  2. Camilla says:

    Just FYI, it’s Margarita Friday here in Denver. And I miss Kevin Henkes!

  3. Tim Smith says:

    If I ever had to wear one of those character outfits made of fake hair and fur, I would spray Lysol directly into my lungs afterward, side effects and other health risks be damned. I’m just saying.

    It wouldn’t technically be a BEA photo, but I bet we can pull a still of David from the security camera in the fire stairwell.

  4. “NO!”

    I’m quite proud of my ability to avoid all tings photographic at BEA.

  5. Virginia says:

    I’m pretty sure we almost got a photo of David rappelling down the west face of 10 East 53rd . . . just like um, Durango.

  6. cindy says:

    great post martha!

    tim–HAHAHA!! and bathe in rubbing alcohol
    too. admit it!!

    david is such the ninja stinker.

    and v, i’d pay at least $5 to see that!

  7. mwt says:

    I’ve heard Vampires don’t show up in pictures . . . Just sayin’.

  8. It would cost way more than 5 bucks, Cindy. The last time I went rappelling, my voice rose two octaves.

    I’ve heard that, too, mwt, but I’ve never seen any photographic evidence.

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