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The Dog Days of Summer

I don’t know if these actually are the dog days of summer yet (let’s ask Amelia Bedelia), but I do know that dogs+summer+books=a lot of fun in my house. My daughter and I took a break from The Mouse and the Motorcycle last night (which is actually very hard to do) because my daughter, who had been pretending to be a dog all evening, wanted to read only books about dogs before going to bed. This led to a somewhat thorough investigation of the bookshelf in her room. We found:

1. Hondo & Fabian, by Peter McCarty

2. Fabian Escapes, by Peter McCarty

3. Harry the Dirty Dog, by Gene Zion

4. The Complete Adventures of Big Dog and Little Dog, by Dav Pilkey

5. Big Dog . . . Little Dog, by P.D. Eastman and Tony Eastman

6. Go, Dog. Go!, by P.D. Eastman

7. Martha Speaks, by Susan Meddaugh

8. Max (the complete “deluxe” collection), by Maira Kalman

9. Maggie’s Ball, by Lindsay Barrett George

10. Detective LaRue: Letters from the Investigation, by Mark Teague

11. Assorted McDuff books, by Rosemary Wells and Susan Jeffers

12. Dog, by Matthew Van Fleet and Brian Stanton

13. Dog and Bear, by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

14. Good Boy, Fergus!, by David Shannon

15. Assorted Biscuit books, by Alyssa Satin Capucilli and Pat Schories

It was late, so I said she could pick two and we’d read the rest this weekend. She picked Harry the Dirty Dog (because she didn’t remember it even though we’d read it one billion times when she was three) and Maggie’s Ball (because she loves it). Which brings me to my point: Maggie’s Ball is the cat’s meow, and the perfect book to share with a kid on a hot summer day. Go fetch!



  1. Sharon Denslow says:

    Virginia…the dog book my daughters loved was OMA AND BOBO. We all still immediately smile at the mere mention of the title….summer story memories laced with lightning bugs and laughter!!!

  2. Virginia says:

    Oma and Bobo! I was an assitant at Bradbury Press when that was published. I love that book. I bet I have it . . . thank you!

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