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Survivor: 10 E. 53rd Street


Bob Hauk: Is dry air suppressing convection ahead of the storm? Snake: I'm thinking about it.

So, yeah, we’ve been getting kicked around by Mother Nature lately! An earthquake. Some hurricane-like substance. We ran out of decaf green tea bags. But like the tree that gives our imprint its name, we absorb the energy with our flowing, supple limbs and bounce right back. Or something.

We hope all of our readers and writers and followers are dry and safe and putting all of their last-minute emergency purchases to good use. Some of us, inspired by all the dystopian novels and manuscripts we’re reading, may have prepared too much. Others didn’t prepare at all. Either way, it’s a reminder that nothing is permanent, and human life exists only because of the outcome of billions of years of change, some of it slow and incremental, some of it quick and catastrophic.

Cutting to the chase: does Greenwillow have a book to put the week’s events in perspective for young children? You bet we do–it’s called On This Spot: An Expedition Back Through Time, by Susan E. Goodman and illustrated by Lee Christiansen. Kirkus called it “illuminating and engaging,” Booklist said it is “a great way to introduce the sweep of history and the drama of geological change,” SLJ described it as a “rich and interesting trip through time,” and Tim Smith is saying “you’d be smart to have it in your collection for the next time you and your family are stuck in the house for 24 hours.”


Careful readers will spot the cyanobacteria hidden in every illustration!



  1. Virginia says:

    Tim, an excellent suggestion . . . but we lost our power (and that means water, too) and phone lines on Saturday night and only the phone lines have been restored so far. So really nothing beats LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS at this point . . .

  2. Jody Feldman says:

    Not decaf green tea!!!

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