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Visiting the 23rd Floor: Naomi Shihab Nye

Naomi Shihab Nye stopped by Greenwillow to meet Tu Anh (a fellow Texan), pick up some copies of There Is No Long Distance Now, talk about new projects (all we can say is WOW), and refuel (carrot soup) before her Academy of American Poets events. Naomi will be the keynote speaker up at Columbia University this weekend. Naomi gave Virginia cookies to bring home to her daughter, but Virginia ate them on the train.


  1. cindy says:

    what a lovely foto!
    and how exciting to speak at columbia.
    congrats on all to naomi!

    cindy, wondering how many cookies virginia ate =)

  2. Virginia says:


  3. cindy says:

    i hope they were ginormous. =)

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