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From the Writer’s Desk

Now Virginia understands why my manuscript was late . . .

By Suzanne Harper

I have a confession — I’ve become an etsy addict. I’m not addicted to buying (although I have purchased my share of wonderful handmade items on the site). Instead, I’m addicted to creating Treasury lists. These lists are ways for etsy members to offer curated collections of items, based on a theme. You’re limited to just 16 items, so you must choose carefully. My addiction came upon me suddenly, when I suddenly realized that I could create Treasury lists based on my novels! It’s great fun to search through the millions of items on etsy to find the perfect ones to represent a book. Check out the lists I created for:

Just for fun (and, yes, okay, because I’m ADDICTED), I also created lists to represent the two things I spend most of my time doing — reading and writing.

I’d love to see other Treasury lists created by authors to represent their books — can we start a trend?

Along with the aforementioned titles, Suzanne Harper has written four nonfiction books, numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and several plays. She lives in New York City.

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  1. Heather says:

    I love etsy. I got guillotine charms from etsy. The internet is a beautiful, beautiful place.

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