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Greetings from the New Fall Intern, Christee!

I like to think that I live my life by taking a page out of Amelia Bedelia’s books (“Which one?” Amelia would probably say, “And you really shouldn’t tear pages out of books, Christee.”). While I don’t actually tear pages out of books, I have always been inspired by her character—she has a positive attitude, she is not afraid to lead or assert herself, and she ALWAYS does what is asked of her.

So far, as Greenwillow’s new fall intern, I too try to do exactly what is asked of me. As for having a positive attitude, the staff makes that easy: they are receptive, welcoming, and helpful, and I am as thrilled to be working here as I was to hear that I am Greenwillow’s very first intern! Children’s and young adults’ book publishing has always been an unwavering interest of mine. That interest took me from New Jersey to Brooklyn, where I majored in communications design/illustration at Pratt Institute. After this final semester, I am excited to say that I don’t know exactly what the future holds. What I do know is that I could happily write, illustrate, and make children’s book dummies for the rest of my life. Thank you to Virginia and to everyone else at Greenwillow for taking the time to show me what it means to work in the children’s publishing industry. Rest assured: I will continue to do exactly what is asked of me.


  1. cindy says:

    welcome christee!!

  2. Leah Cypess says:

    Hi, Christee – welcome to Greenwillow!

  3. Jody Feldman says:

    I hope they don’t ask you to reign in your enthusiasm. It might get a little soggy. Welcome!

  4. Wendy says:

    Lovely illustration of logging artwork!

  5. Howdy new intern Christee! It’s so cool that you spell your name with an exclamation mark.

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