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Happy Thanksgiving!

May your travels be safe, may all your recipes be successful, and may your elastic waistbands not snap — Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! To help you celebrate, here’s an adorable puppy frolicking in a pumpkin patch, courtesy of Lindsay Barrett George and Maggie’s Ball.

Maggie is a golden retriever, so she probably doesn't know what she's thankful for


  1. Virginia says:

    Oh. Dear. I live with two and they are SMART. Just look at those eyes. Please. Who wrote this post?

  2. C.C. Finlay says:

    If Maggie is anything like most of the golden retrievers I’ve known, she’s thankful for EVERYTHING. ALL THE TIME.

    “You’re home! You’re home! I’m so glad! YAY!”

    “We’re going out? We’re going out for a walk? YAY!”

    “Chew toy! OMG it’s best chew toy in the whole world. Gnaw gnaw gnaw! YAY!”

    “Look at this dirty tissue I found in the bathroom wastebasket! Isn’t it hilarious! YAY!”

    “Dog butt! YAY!”

    “OMG every tree and fire hydrant on this street smells like dog pee! Wait a second…. here’s one with hardly any smell… Ahhhh! Now my smell’s here too! YAY!”

    Then at night, when you’re sitting in your favorite chair, Maggie curls up the rug near your feet and lets out a satisfied dog sigh and what she’s thinking is this:

    “I am so lucky. I can’t believe how lucky I am. My life is so awesome. I am so thankful for it… CAT!! BARK BARK BARK, BARK BARK BARK! LOOK MOM IT’S THE CAT! RUN, CAT, RUN! YAY!”

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