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Celebrate Diana Wynne Jones




(Note: the following letter was written on November 16, 2009, and sent to librarians, reviewers, and booksellers.)

Enchanted Glass had a strange origin. I think this is the only time I have been inspired by myself. The year I wrote it, my husband got extremely ill, so ill that he couldn’t walk for quite a while. In order not to go mad with worry, I distracted myself by looking through old writings. I have great numbers of these. Some of them only get to two pages long and some amount to half a book, and in nearly every case they then stop because I’ve not got something quite right. Among them was chapter one of Enchanted Glass. I fetched it out; I read it. And I couldn’t at first think why I’d stopped—and I certainly couldn’t, for the life of me, think what I’d intended the story to do after that!

I wanted to know. It seemed to me a splendid beginning. I wanted to know what happened with the two tyrants, Stock and Stock, and what ate the produce off the woodshed roof, not to speak of what the document was that the ghost tried to give Andrew. I had only the dimmest memories of what I’d thought would happen, but I did recall that I had stopped, not because I’d got anything wrong, but because I had needed major surgery and been hauled off to hospital when I’d got to the end of chapter one.

When I got home, every vestige of the plot had vanished from my head. Now when I read it, I couldn’t wait to find out what would really happen in this book. So I started to go on with it. Before long I was so absorbed that I almost once forgot to give my poor husband any lunch. I hope you will find it similarly absorbing.


Diana Wynne Jones



  1. tanita says:

    Time for a re-read on this one.

  2. Tanita, I had exactly the same thought. :)

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