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More Moose merriment

Cast, crew, and voice talent met at Paul O. Zelinsky’s home to screen the Z Is for Moose trailer, and a fine time was had by all. Paul served an alphabetic feast to his unsuspecting guests.

MOOSE alphabet food Greenwillow

Hey, what’s that stuff in the middle of the table?

More Moose party Greenwillow

more Moose shindig Greenwillow

P.S. If you admire Paul’s shirt and would like to purchase your own swath of Z Is for Moose fabric for, say, your bookstore window display, new baby quilt, or summer reading club picnic blanket, it’s available here and here!


  1. Virginia says:

    Never mind the middle of the table. What’s that between the lollipops and the nuts?

  2. mwt says:

    My question exactly!

  3. mwt says:

    And what is U-Bet Syrup?

  4. Virginia says:


    (Thank you to the Scouts of Norway!)

  5. mwt says:

    Ha! Ha!

  6. mwt says:

    So, what IS that between the lollipops and the nuts? An uninvited guest?

  7. Greenwillow Books says:

    Poor Moose (mousse) keeps getting upstaged!

    And MWT, Fox’s U-Bet Syrup is the key ingredient in an authentic chocolate egg-cream (http://www.foxs-syrups.com/egg_cream.html). Delicious. Really!

  8. […] chatted with her fans in marketing and publicity, and then she and Paul O. Zelinsky (sporting the fabulous ZIFM shirt) also signed books at Books of Wonder on Saturday. Paul and Kelly rush through their presentation […]

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