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Amelia Bedelia’s First Run-in With Interpol

Jon Stewart, a graduate of the best state university in Virginia












No, it’s not the title of our latest Amelia Bedelia book. But if you needed yet another reminder of how deeply embedded she is in our national consciousness, here it is. Jon Stewart, take it away (the good part starts at 1:15 or so)!

Careful readers will notice that the illustration shown by The Daily Show has been modified from the original. The first person to post in the comments what Amelia Bedelia is hanging on the clotheslines in the original illustration will receive a copy of the special commemorative reissue of the book that started it all. Good luck!


  1. Tim Smith says:

    That was the fastest victory I’ve seen since Mike Tyson-Marvis Frazier. Congratulations, Joy Chu — we will contact you through your blog to get a snail mail address!

  2. Virginia says:

    Now let’s talk about state universities in Virginia . . .

  3. mwt says:

    That really was impressive.

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