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Visiting the 23rd Floor: Naomi Shihab Nye and Joshua McCune

We’re admiring 2012 Winter Storm Athena today (snow, rain, sleet) and catching up on very important publishing work (striking the word “romp” from catalog copy . . . that type of thing). And catching up on reporting about several exciting visits to the 23rd floor, too. Joshua McCune stopped by on October 17, as did Naomi Shihab Nye. This was a lucky happenstance, as they had never met and they both hail from San Antonio, Texas. Maybe they are sitting by the river having a margarita and talking basketball right this minute!

We’ll be publishing Talker 25, Joshua’s debut novel, in early 2014. It is a terrifying, great, compelling, kick-ass read, and we’ll always think of it by its working title, Kissing Dragons. Here’s the first paragraph. You want to keep reading, right?

“When Trish called and begged me to go dragon hunting, I should have trusted my instincts. Now I’m stuck in a car with her and a pair of wannabe farm boys whose idea of Friday-night fun is sneaking onto the rez to get their pictures taken next to Old Man Blue.”

Joshua’s official Greenwillow Books mugshot


It was great to meet you, Joshua!

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  1. Tim Smith says:

    An editorial note: if you have not read Bill Moyers’s interview with Naomi (you can find it on her Wikipedia page), you absolutely should do so. Especially if you live in the New York/NJ/Southern New England region and are about to be socked in by another ridiculous bit of weather.

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