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From the Intern’s Desk

I got my first detention in fifth grade.

I know that’s not exactly the best sentence to use to introduce myself, the spring 2013 intern here at Greenwillow, but I assure you—I was not a bad kid. I, Christina Scott, got my first detention because I refused to stop reading Harry Potter during math class. I got my second detention in seventh grade. This was because I was illustrating a ghost scene from one of R.L. Stine’s Fear Street novels, and my teacher thought it was too spooky. I guess you could say I’ve been an outlaw since Day One. “I’m a loner, Dottie, a rebel!” (Yes! That is a Pee-wee’s Big Adventure reference!)

Although art and books have contributed to my criminal record in the past, they are what I love. I’m an illustration senior at Pratt Institute, graduating next month, and I have been interning two days a week here at Greenwillow Books. Bottom line: I couldn’t be happier. On a daily basis I am constantly surrounded by things I love and I am constantly doing things I love in an incredible city that I love. Being in such a warm and inviting atmosphere, and getting not only to watch, but also actually be a part of the process of making inspiring things . . . Greenwillow has been the icing on my Crazy-New-York-City-Art-Student-I-Want-A-Job-Doing-Cool-Stuff cupcake.

Tina likes reading The Ivy series, because it’s sassy


There are so many people who get up every day and do things they don’t love. I can say the opposite is true at Greenwillow. My coworkers here are so passionate about their jobs, and if having the chance to eat pizza with some young, new authors and getting to color correct original Amelia Bedelia artwork isn’t inspiring enough, the staff’s never-ending smiles, and tips, and advice, and conversation are. Although I don’t know what the future holds for me, Greenwillow has been a positive experience in my life, and my time here has been rewarding.

That being said, I’ll leave you all with some advice: If anyone tries to tell you that you can’t do something you love, and punishes you just for drawing ghosts, for example, swallow your pride and make a funny comic about them that you can sell twelve years later when you have a table with your other illustrator friends at the local art convention in your city. Hey, it worked for me!

Christina Scott hails from Holbrook, Massachusetts, where she spent many years participating in debate tournaments and honing her artistic talents. She is currently finishing up her degree in communication design with a focus on illustration at the Pratt Institute. See her work at cargocollective.com/christinascott. Also, feel free to call her Tina.


  1. Jody Feldman says:

    My kind of outlaw!

  2. Christina Scott says:


  3. Virginia says:

    Tina, thanks for your hard work and excellent stories! We will miss you. Virginia

  4. Tim says:

    When I was lost and miserable, looking for a good TV program to tide me over until the return of Breaking Bad and Louie, Tina rescued me. Workaholics FTW. Thanks!

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