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Behind the Scenes: Giant Dance Party giants

By Brandon Dorman

Coming up with new characters can be an interesting process. Most times I start with familiar images, but if I push, explore, and revise enough, they always get better. This is what happened with our giants. We started with typical ogre-ish big bodies, but I remember talking with Virginia, Steve, and Sylvie at the time and wondering if we could push the box a little. So we set out on a journey to find the most perfect, big-fun-cute giants we could.

We wanted them big . . . but able to dance. We wanted them to be cute, as well. Cute is key in the world of picture books.

Our very first color version of the giants looked a little too Sesame Street–like. The second, just too weird. The third, not nimble enough.

While exploring a possible character for another series, I drew up a character I called Razz. For kicks, I sent him over to Virginia. Turns out he was just what we were looking for in Giant Dance Party!


BDorman Giants 1 Greenwillow


BDorman Giants 2 Greenwillow

2012–Totally giant




BDorman Giants 3 Greenwillow







BDorman Giants 4 Greenwillow

Still working on fur . . .

BDorman Giants 5 Greenwillow

and color






BDorman Giants 6 Greenwillow

Do these remind you of something?

BDorman Giants 7 Greenwillow

Then came Razz. . . .


BDorman Giants 8 Greenwillow

Et voila!


9780061960833 GreenwillowGiant Dance Party is written by Betsy Bird and illustrated by Brandon Dorman. Rock on!



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  1. Is Razz wearing a pot on his head? Love it!

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