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Happy Man Day 2014!

Is this thing on? Is it really Man Day, 2014, already?

The international symbol for “man”.

If you’ve somehow made it this far in life without learning about Man Day, you can get caught up here, here, here, and here. This particular Man Day, we’re preparing for a move downtown, and we’re making some tough decisions. You see, we’ll have less space in our new digs, and we can’t take everything with us—not even our walk-in humidor or massage tables!

In the true spirit of Man Day, we’re going to try to get some other chumps to do the tough work for us. Below are pictures of two storied Greenwillow relics, the Man Day cowboy and Razzle. Only one of them can move with us. You, our readers, will vote for who you think should actually go in the Dumpster, and who should come with us downtown. Let us know in the comments (sorry, this isn’t one of those fancy blogs with a poll widget). We will close the vote and announce the winner on Friday, April 4.

This is difficult, but so is being a man. We thank you for your help, and we hope you are having a fantastic Man Day!

“Man Day,” sculpted by my good friend LeRoy Neiman


Razzle (he’s just resting, kids)


  1. Kristie says:

    I vote for Razzle! He looks more fun. =)

  2. mwt says:

    Put them both in a box and send them to Chris Crutcher!

  3. Jody Feldman says:

    I suppose I’m just a sucker for all that sporty, rougn&tumble stuff. Sorry, Razzle. You’re cute and everything, but Man Day needs LeRoy.

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