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Visiting the 23rd Floor: Elisha Cooper

Elisha Cooper stopped by recently to talk about his new picture book. The book is about a dog and unconditional love, and we adore it. The dog is currently nameless, so we did spend a good deal of time talking about possible names—Lucky, Buttercup, Buster, Henry, Homer, Kaiser . . . . Then we spent a good deal of time talking about the tragic ways in which the dogs of Sylvie’s childhood died . . . and then we spent a good deal of time talking about whether or not one should eat rabbit (Virginia: “God, no!” Sylvie: “Oui! Oui!” Elisha: “Delicious!”). We’re looking forward to seeing Elisha’s finished art at the end of the summer, as well as discovering what he decides to name the dog.


  1. Suzanne Crowley says:

    Hank, Hal, Stewart, Wink, Max, Duff, Boswell, Harley, Harper, Frank, George, Jack, Kelly, Bruce, Bobby, Hudson, Rocky, Pepper, Rocco, Tank, Howe, Sherman, Brownie, Whitey, Bertie, Peter, Petie

  2. cindy says:

    love the fotos!
    i was a bit traumatized when they
    advertised rabbit in dog food in the
    uk as well as had them strung up at
    the butcher’s. but then, i did eat
    frog legs as a child in taiwan.

  3. cindy says:

    oh, i see suzanne suggested names.
    i’d like to offer dumpling.

  4. Michelle Corpora says:

    I am truly impressed by your list of names, Suzanne. I especially like Wink and Boswell.

  5. Wendy says:

    Let me suggest: “Coat”

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  7. […] The dog’s name is Homer! Elisha Cooper stopped by Friday to name the pup, review his mechanicals, and talk about his jacket sketches. The Burberry clock is reading 9 degrees today but Elisha’s book—with its wet dogs, shells, hydrangea blossoms, and airy front porch is making us think SUMMER. […]

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