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Archive of posts tagged A Balloon for Isabel

From the Studio

Three Things By Laura Rankin Whenever I illustrate another author’s story, two things have to happen. Well, three things, actually.  1. I have to really, really like the story. And I really, really like Deborah Underwood’s whimsical story A Balloon for Isabel. I like Isabel’s spunk. She makes me laugh when her teacher, Ms. Quill, writes on the blackboard:  […]

From the Writer’s Desk

Intentional Emotion + Accidental Theme = A Balloon for Isabel By Deborah Underwood A Balloon for Isabel began with my idea of a porcupine yearning for a balloon. As Ms. Quill, Isabel’s teacher, puts it: “Porcupines + Balloons = Trouble.” You need conflict for a strong story, and the seemingly impossible combination of pop-prone products […]