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Archive of posts tagged book trailers

Moose have feelings, too

You guys, a very patient and thoughtful Moose would like everyone to know that September 23 is not only Jason Alexander’s fifty-fifth birthday, it is also the day that Moose–and Zebra’s (and Kelly Bingham’s and Paul O. Zelinsky’s)–fabulous follow-up to Z Is for Moose is available in stores everywhere. It’s called Circle, Square, Moose, and […]

The Shadowcry book trailer will give you chills.

A graveyard city, the haunting Night Train, powers to pierce the veil between life and death . . . what more could you ask for? One of the coolest, creepiest, most tormented villains since Severus Snape? Yes, Jenna Burtenshaw’s debut novel, Shadowcry has that, too! Intrigued? Read on here through Browse Inside! Blog this! Bookmark […]

Videos the Golden Whale Loves . . . or Hates

Book trailers are an art form, as we’ve seen recently here and here! So of course they have their own award ceremony. The second annual Moby Awards gala, celebrating the best and worst book trailers released last year, will take place tomorrow night (Thursday, June 2nd) at the Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn at 8 p.m. The […]