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Archive of posts tagged Chris Crutcher

“Windy” Crutcher steps up to the plate!

Yesterday at the ALAN workshop in Boston, Chris Crutcher answered questions posed in advance by teachers, readers, and fans. Twenty minutes and a standing ovation later, there were still a lot of unanswered questions. Here they are . . . . Happy reading and happy Thanksgiving! Q: Why does he write for young adults rather […]

Visiting the 23rd Floor: Chris Crutcher

Crutcher and Durango in the same space . . . it doesn’t get much better than that. Chris Crutcher is often on the road but rarely in New York, so it was an historic moment when he visited the Greenwillow offices last week. We talked about Man Day (do we need a countdown widget or […]

My Dog Ate Your Homework

Bad news: Loretta Lynn ate Chris Crutcher’s manuscript this weekend. Oh no, sorry, not that Loretta Lynn. This one.   So it looks like we are all going to have to wait . . . just a little bit longer . . . for Period 8. This has only happened once before, when she ate […]

It’s banned books week…

…so celebrate by reading a challenged book! To start the week off right, ALA’s Office of Intellectual Freedom posted a video of Chris Crutcher reading from his often-challenged book, DEADLINE, for Banned Books Week Virtual Read-Out (and it’s a doozy): Visit the Virtual Read-Out channel here and exercise your freedom to read! Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg […]


By Chris Crutcher I’m almost glad I have the long layover in Frankfurt on the way back from New Delhi and Mumbai; I need the time for reentry. Most of the people I went there to see have money, or at least their parents do. They pay twenty to thirty thousand dollars a year for their […]