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Archive of posts tagged David Macinnis Gill

Book Expo America 2012!

After a wonderful–and whirlwind–three days of BEA 2012, we’re all too tired to be long-winded or witty. So enjoy this photo recap! DAY ONE:       DAY TWO:             DAY THREE:       AND FINALLY: Bethany Griffin will be continuing on the DARK DAYS OF SUMMER tour today […]

From the Writer’s Desk

A Scene Is Born By David Macinnis Gill My novels have been called very cinematic. There’s probably a good reason for that: I love watching movies and playing video games. There’s a camera in my head when I read, and I try to use one when I write. As an author, I like to fiddle […]

Visiting the 23rd Floor: Chris Crutcher

Crutcher and Durango in the same space . . . it doesn’t get much better than that. Chris Crutcher is often on the road but rarely in New York, so it was an historic moment when he visited the Greenwillow offices last week. We talked about Man Day (do we need a countdown widget or […]

The 3 G’s: Good Fortune, Great Year, and Greenwillow Books

Howdy readers, and Happy Chinese New Year! Today marks the beginning of the most auspicious Year of the Dragon, which is ironic since 2012 also allegedly prompts the final countdown toward world destruction. Either way, this year is going to be action packed, Durango-style! Chinese New Year is one hell of a party. In the past when […]

From the Writer’s Desk

How the Pajants Came to Be (and How I Came to Be in Them) By David Macinnis Gill Once upon a time, back in oh, February of 2011, I was on Twitter teasing Lauren Myracle about her favorite basketball team, the Carolina Tar Heels. Now, because I’m a huge football fan living in NC (aka the […]