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Archive of posts tagged Feelings

No, we haven’t drunk tiger blood; it’s just Man Day

Another year, another Man Day! But don’t think for a moment that we’re resting on the laurels of the holiday and our service anniversaries. No, today is business as usual at Greenwillow Books: Steve is editing. Paul is designing. And I’m copyediting. But in all seriousness, this year the men of GWB are feeling a […]

From the Studio

By Aliki A note from the editors: Aliki, we are sorry we couldn’t post this in 2010—but it is a timeless post and we are delighted to share it today! Thank you. Thanks to Virginia for sending out the warning that this Official Birthday Blog of Greenwillow Books would soon end. The good news is […]

Backlist Obsessions: Feelings

When I started working at Greenwillow in 2007, I was delighted to recognize many books from my childhood in the full-to-bursting Greenwillow library. One of the ones I found most exciting of all was Aliki’s Feelings (I had also loved its twin, Manners, as a child, which is coincidentally celebrating its 20th anniversary this year). […]