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Celebrate Diana Wynne Jones

“Sometimes it was a tall black smudge on the moors to the northwest, sometimes it reared above the rocks to the east, and sometimes it came right downhill to sit in the heather only just beyond the last farm to the north. You could see it actually moving sometimes, with smoke pouring out from the turrets in […]

Celebrate Diana Wynne Jones

(Note: These are selected interview questions and answers taken from the “Extras” section of the paperback edition of Howl’s Moving Castle, reissued in 2008.) 1. The Wizard Howl has charmed many readers across the world. What do you make of that? The one big, strange fact about Howl is that almost every young woman who […]

The Magical Diana Wynne Jones

by Peter Glassman Diana Wynne Jones = Magic. To me, that is as basic as 1+1=2. There are few authors who can as easily transport me to worlds of wonder and mystery as Diana Wynne Jones. It was in 1978 that a friend who worked at The Science Fiction Shop in New York City (now, […]