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Archive of posts tagged Jack Prelutsky

12/12/12 and (approximately) 12 great winter reads!

While you’re pondering the significance of 12/12/12 and taking a break from monitoring your seismographs and telescopes, here, in no particular order, are a dozen or so (math isn’t our strong suit) books that we love to read and share during this most wonderful time of the year*. Little Bea and the Snowy Day, by […]

The 3 G’s: Good Fortune, Great Year, and Greenwillow Books

Howdy readers, and Happy Chinese New Year! Today marks the beginning of the most auspicious Year of the Dragon, which is ironic since 2012 also allegedly prompts the final countdown toward world destruction. Either way, this year is going to be action packed, Durango-style! Chinese New Year is one hell of a party. In the past when […]

Visiting Outside the 23rd Floor: Virginia and Paul go on a field trip

Remember when Carin Berger showed us this? Well, Paul and Virginia traveled to Carin’s studio recently to see the finished art for Stardines Swim High Across the Sky and Other Poems by Jack Prelutsky. Magnificent doesn’t begin to cover it. Enjoy! Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on FriendFeed […]

Visiting Outside the 23rd Floor:
Virginia Goes to the Upper West Side

Carin Berger has been hard at work on the gorgeous dioramas for the upcoming poetry collection by Jack Prelutsky. Because the dioramas are hard to transport, I hopped on the subway and visited Carin’s studio to see her work-in-progress. Now that I live in the big woods I don’t actually hop on the subway all […]

Visiting the 23rd Floor: Carin Berger

Carin Berger is working on a companion to Jack Prelutsky’s Behold the Bold Umbrellaphant, and she stopped by recently to show us her new technique. Dioramas! We are in heaven! Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on FriendFeed Buzz it up Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace Share on […]