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Archive of posts tagged Jessie Haas

Happy 20th Birthday, SUGARING!

by Jessie Haas My neighbor, Stephen Major, is sugaring, as people have done at this old sugarhouse for 100 years or more. He drives a pair of horses, Morgan/Percheron half siblings Henry and Nell, to gather sap from the buckets along the roads. Meanwhile sap self-gathers from plastic pipeline strung up the hillsides. Twenty years […]

Happy Anniversary, Sugaring!

By Jessie Haas Sugaring has been in print for 15 years! A lot has happened in that time. I don’t follow baseball—in fact, in the last game I watched on TV, Luis Tiant was pitching. But word has reached me in my mountain cabin that the Red Sox finally won the World Series, and in […]

When Greenwillow Went to the Dogs

FROM THE WRITER’S DESK, BY JESSIE HAAS These days I’m thinking a lot about positive reinforcement as I write a book about clicker training (my third touching on the topic, after Shaper and Horse Crazy!). I realized that Susan Hirschman used some clicker training principles in the way she handled authors, and she certainly had […]