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From the Writer’s Desk

Top 5 Books I Read to Research Nightspell By Leah Cypess 1. The Hound and the Hawk: The Art of Medieval Hunting by John Cummins Nightspell takes place in a medieval-style court, and includes hunting scenes. I’ve read so many historical and fantasy novels involving hunts that I thought I knew how they worked. But once […]

From the Writer’s Desk

BY LEAH CYPESS Mistwood started, to the best of my recollection, in my bedroom. I was living with my parents while I was in law school, saving money so that eventually I could quit law and be a full-time writer (yes, this was already my plan in law school), and one evening I thought up […]

The Mistwood beckons . . .

When Leah Cypess’s manuscript for Mistwood came in, I knew I was a goner after the first paragraph. Ancient magic, intrigues, mystery, hard choices . . . and, perhaps, love. There are still a few more months before it’ll be available in bookstores (April 27!), but I’ve been lost in the Mistwood for nearly a year […]