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Archive of posts tagged Mirra Ginsburg

Backlist Obsessions:
Across the Stream

Ninety-four words. Twenty-four pages. That’s all Mirra Ginsburg and Nancy Tafuri need to tell the story of a family in mortal danger—waking up one night in a panic, they run for their lives, and just when their hearts are in their throats and they’re jumping up and down with terror, they get rescued. Seems almost […]

Backlist Obsessions: Good Morning, Chick

My youngest son turned three in June. Three is an absolutely wonderful age: full of big-boy swagger, unbearably sweet and curious and emotional outpourings, and insane amounts of language acquisition. But it’s also a little bittersweet, because he has begun to reject some of our read-aloud standbys. So after thousands of hours reading aloud thousands […]