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Archive of posts tagged visiting the 23rd floor

Visiting the 23rd Floor: Naomi Shihab Nye and Joshua McCune

We’re admiring 2012 Winter Storm Athena today (snow, rain, sleet) and catching up on very important publishing work (striking the word “romp” from catalog copy . . . that type of thing). And catching up on reporting about several exciting visits to the 23rd floor, too. Joshua McCune stopped by on October 17, as did […]

Visiting the 23rd Floor: Kelly Bingham

We are huge Z Is for Moose fans here at Greenwillow, so it was great fun to welcome Kelly Bingham to the 23rd floor for the first time ever. Yay! Kelly signed books, met the Greenwillowites,  chatted with her fans in marketing and publicity, and then she and Paul O. Zelinsky (sporting the fabulous ZIFM […]

Visiting the 23rd Floor—Carin Berger

Carin Berger stopped by recently to talk about math. Or was it geometry? Anyway, Paul and Carin talked about reductions, percentages, bleeds, crops, and what-nots while my eyes glazed over. (Carin is getting ready to do some test shots on her dioramas.) It was a hot day. A really hot day. So Paul had the […]